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Faculty Introduction


Kagoshima City is a beautiful city and is often called the Napoli of the east. The Faculty of Engineering of Kagoshima University is located in the southern part of this Kagoshima City. The campus area and its surroundings are rich in natural landscape with a magnificent view of Mount Sakurajima rising majestically in the Kagoshima Bay, also known as Kinkou Bay. Another best thing about the campus is its easy and quick access.

The structure of the Faculty of Engineering

The faculty of Engineering consists of seven Departments namely, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Ocean Civil Engineering, Information and Computer Science, and Bioengineering. Annually about 490 students are admitted into the undergraduate program. Each Department has its own distinct teaching and research methodology. Those who are interested in information concerning the education and research in any Department are requested to view the internet home page of that Department.

The structure of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering was founded in April 1998 by merging the Graduate School of Science with the Graduate School of Engineering. The master’s program of the Graduate School has 10 Courses and annually about 190 students are admitted into the master’s program. During recent years, 1 out of 3 students, after completing the undergraduate study, enters the Graduate School for advanced study. The doctoral program has 3 major Courses and the standard annual number of admissions is 22. Special quota and selection procedures have been arranged for international students.

The special features of education

Those who enter the Faculty of Engineering of Kagoshima University receive the education mainly in general subjects, fundamental subjects and linguistic subjects in the beginning. Then they receive the education from their Departments in the major subjects. In the Graduate School, the understanding of the specialized field is further deepened and the students are trained to carry out research on their own. The objective of education can be considered in general as that of bringing out and enhancing the inherent ability in each individual. Our Faculty gives due importance to the aptitude and efforts for learning, and aims to motivate the students to study, assist them in the understanding of the subjects, and provide education to enable them to become self-reliant and responsible citizens of the society.

After graduation

The contributions of science and technology are evident in every aspect of our society. The level of science and technology of Japan is so advanced that Japan can be considered indeed as a country of science and technology. But, the environment problems are deepening in the global scale and the active participation of science and technology is essential for solving them. By providing scientific and technological expertise, our Faculty aims to train the students so that when they graduate they are capable of contributing to the society. We wish that the graduates of our Graduate School become leaders of the society. Please note that, one’s suitable employment place after the completion of studies, will vary depending on the Department from which he/she gets the education in major subjects.